Our Staff

Tony Maan - Pastor
It is with thankfulness that the Lord has called MaryAnn and me to serve the Christian Reformed Church of St. Albert family in January of 2017. We are blessed with four children, their spouses, and twelve grandchildren.

In addition to being a divine calling, I understand pastoral ministry to be a wonderful way to be engaged in the venture of salvation and renewal at the heart of church life. It is my conviction that the most important role of the pastor is to live as an active participant and leader in the body of Christ as it is embodied in the local church family. I consider my ministry to be ‘incarnational’: that is, by God’s grace I am called to be the presence of Jesus to those I walk with. This implies leadership as a servant, applying my knowledge, skills, experience and heart to guide the church family along the path of Christian faith and life. My primary model for leadership is the biblical metaphor of the shepherd – an individual who leads by serving the best interests of the flock for the sake of their growth and God’s glory. As a pastor I must provide spiritual sustenance for the congregation under my watch through sound biblical preaching based on good exegetical practices and time tested theology, creative teaching, guidance in terms of setting direction and creating visions, and pastoral support in times of need. When this happens, I sense that I am adhering to my role and vision as a pastor. 

The educational path the Lord has used to prepare me for the various aspects of pastoral ministry (pastoral care and spiritual counsel, preaching, teaching, administrative and organizational skills) begins with parents who taught the truths of Christian life through their love, words and example. After high School I earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Calvin College, a Liberal Arts school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was followed with a Master’s of Divinity degree at Calvin Theological Seminary. Following 15 years of pastoral ministry I earned a PhD in Reformation history from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta), completed in 2009.
Contact Pastor Tony at pastor@crcsa.org
Nathan Bootsma - Director of Music Ministries

Nathan is a talented musician that leads our worship music ministries.

Contact Nathan at music@crcsa.org

Lota Oji Kanu - Administrative Assistant

Lota is the Administrative Assistant for the Church. Lota's office hours are as follows:
    • Tuesday: 9 am - 2 pm
    • Thursday: 9 am - 2 pm
    • Friday: 9 am - 2 pm
Contact Lota at admin@crcsa.org

Please send bulletin submissions before Thursday 6 pm to bulletin@crcsa.org

Our Council

Here is a listing of our current Council members and their contact information.

To contact full council please email the clerk at clerk@crcsa.org
Peter Buisman has been appointed non-voting Clerk of Council (Oct 2018)


Aaron Maan - amaan@crcsa.org

Tony Maan - (Pastor) - tmaan@crcsa.org

Dan Mackinnon -

Joanne Munro (Chair of Council) - jmunro@crcsa.org

Henry Seinen - hseinen@crcsa.org

Douwe Spriensma (Vice Chair of Council) - dspriensma@crcsa.org


David Appell - dappell@crcsa.org

Suzanne Degner - sdegner@crcsa.org

Darryl Hordyk - dehordyk@yahoo.com

Andrew Seinen (Chair of Deacons) - aseinen@crcsa.org

Brenda Van Ommen - Joined March 2019

Judy Woroschuk (Secretary of Deacons) jworoschuk@crcsa.org

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