Humble Heroes: Can you name some of the most well-known characters and stories of the Old Testament Bible? Noah and the flood, Moses and the splitting of the Red Sea, the spies and Rahab on the city walls of Jericho, Esther and the saving of the Jews in Persia, Daniel in the lion’s den – all these probably come to mind. This summer we will explore the way in which the Lord used ordinary people to bring his word and redemptive work through Jesus in these very familiar stories.

July 5 – Noah and the Flood – Genesis 6-9 July 12 – Joseph in the Dungeon – Genesis 40-41

July 19 – Moses and the Red Sea – Exodus 13-15 July 26 – Rahab and the Spies in Jericho - Joshua 2

August 2 – Gideon and the Lanterns - Judges 7 August 9 – Elijah on Mount Carmel - I Kings 18

August 16 – David and Goliath – I Samuel 17 August 23 – Esther and National Rescue – Esther 4

August 30 – Daniel in the Lion’s Den – Daniel 6

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