Christian Reformed Church of St. Albert


The sermons at the Christian Reformed Church of St. Albert are made available online in video format. This is done both to help people stay connected to the church community when they can't attend in person, or to allow guests to gain insights into the Bible based messages we share.

Audio Sermons - Download or Streaming

Older sermons (2020 and earlier) are available for download or streaming at They are in mp3 format, typically 10-20 MB in file size. Note, in late 2020 and into 2021, sermons are included in the livestream video, no separate audio is currently created. For podcast of these older audio sermons you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by clicking here or by searching the iTunes store for "Christian Reformed Church of St. Albert". At this time they are not posted on the Google Play Store.

Video Sermons

The video sermons are hosted at our YouTube Channel. Older videos (July 2021 and earlier) are available at our older webpage, You can view them all there, including in full screen modes. The most recent video sermons are embedded below, and where applicable, they are categorized into sermon series. Another way to view video sermons is through the Bridge App, available for Apple or Android mobile devices. See the Bridge App section in the menu structure for further details.

New Years 2021 Services

Video sermons (online-only) during the COVID-19 closures

Video sermons (online-only) during the COVID-19 closures

Video sermons during the COVID-19 closures

Friends of God - March & April 2020

(Also the March 22 & 29 video sermons during the COVID-19 closures)

Prayer & Renewal Series - January and February 2020

Advent Series - Christmas 2019