Winter 2024 Guest Pastor Sermon Series

With Pastor Tony Maan on sabbatical, we have a fantastic opportunity to have many guest pastors bringing sermons and messages to our congregation. 

Jan 7, 2024 - Pastor Natasha Specht (Pastor of Congregational Life at Maranatha CRC)
Sermon: "Paul’s Prayer to the Colossians"
Scripture: Colossians 1.1-14

Jan 14, 2024 - Pastor Leon Johnston (Pastor of Faith Formation at Neerlandia CRC)
Sermon: "The Journey is Too Much for You"
Scripture: 1 Kings 19.1-18

Jan 21, 2024 - Guest Pastor John Luth
Sermon: "Provoked By Human Need"
Scripture: Matthew 12.1-14
Livestream (sorry, this livestream had audio issues, apologies): 

Jan 28, 2024 - Guest Pastor: Nate Wright
Sermon: "Surrender your Independence of Self and Become like One who is Dependent on God"
Scripture: Matthew 18.1-5
Livestream: We apologize, but there will be no livestream today as we continue wrestling with software patches between the sound board and hosting software.

Feb 4, 2024 - Guest Pastor: Hilary Andermatt
Sermon: "A Love that’s More Than a Love"
Scripture: Romans 8.31-39

Feb 11, 2024 - Guest Pastor: Leon Johnston
Sermon: "Persistent Prayer"
Scripture: Luke 18.1-8

Feb 18, 2024 - Guest Pastor: Rick Mast
Sermon: "Hallowed by Your Name"
Scripture: Numbers 20.1-13

Feb 25, 2024 - Guest Pastor: Hilary Andermatt
Sermon: "Behold Our God!"
Scripture: Isaiah 40

You can find the sermons directly on the YouTube Channel