Christian Reformed Church of St. Albert


Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to know God and make him known.

Our Mission is to worship God together, reaching out with God's love, building each other up spiritually and caring for others in Christ.

What We Believe

The Christian Reformed Church's (CRC) statement of faith includes the belief that our Lord is master over every area of life and over all creation. Being Jesus' disciples means we look to serve God everywhere, all the time.

We call ourselves a "Reformed" Church because our roots go back to a time of recovery of Biblical truth, faith and practice during the 16th century, an era now known as the Protestant Reformation.

Some key teachings the CRC shares with other Reformed Churches are:

    • This world is in God's hands. Our Provider's loving, guiding care will carry us through good times and hard times alike.
    • Believers belong to God. Because our Creator receives us and our children as members of His family and grants us the precious promise of eternal life, we live in partnership with God, a relationship called the covenant.
    • Jesus is Lord and has authority over all creation. We can be saved only by faith in Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice on the cross made us right with God.
    • God has chosen us to belong to Him and has rescued us from our sin through Jesus' sacrificial life, his death on the cross, and resurrection from the grave.
    • Our Lord speaks to us through the faithful preaching and teaching of God's Word. He confirms what is spoken through the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's Supper.
    • The God of the Bible is a Trinity, three persons forming one God: God the Father, Creator of the universe; God the Son, Jesus, who redeems the fallen creation; and God the Holy Spirit, who renews creation.

For more detailed information you are welcome to contact the church staff or to visit the Christian Reformed Church denomination's website.