Christian Reformed Church of St. Albert

Virtual Tour

If you are new to the Christian Reformed Church of St. Albert, this page contains several photos to help orientate you on where to go. 

First is an aerial photo of the church taken by one of our members (thanks Douwe!).

Here's what the main sanctuary area looks like during a typical Sunday morning worship service. 

There is a separate room available for parents to help feed or change their babies with a one way window. 

A closer look at the stage and the sanctuary seating area. There are no reserved seats, you are welcome to sit where you like. 

Lower Level

At the entrance to the building, immediately to your right will be the stairs to the lower level. You be greeted by the artwork shown here. Much of the children's ministries occur in the lower level on a Sunday morning. However they are dismissed during the service so don't head down there right away. 


At the bottom of the stairs on your right you'll find the nursery. You can sign your children ages 6 months up to 3 years old in here at the start of the service. The nursery attendants are there usually around 10 minutes before the service starts. 

If it's your first time, you'll need to fill out a waiver form so the nursery attendants have the necessary information (our church has a Safe Church policy that it follows). Also you can leave your bag on one of the hooks so attendants have diapers, wipes and bottles when necessary. 

Open Area (Lower Level)

Here's a picture of the main open area downstairs. On a Sunday morning this area is usually used for storyteller time with the children's ministry (Ages 3 to Grade 6). If we have a potluck lunch after the service it's usually hosted in this space as well. 

Other areas of the lower level include a full kitchen and the main washrooms for the building. As you reach the bottom of the stairs, take two immediate lefts to find the washrooms.


There are 2 classrooms available on the lower level. One is set up for the Junior class and the other is for the Senior Class. 

Elevator Lift

This facility is wheel chair accessible. There is a lift available when needed to reach the lower level. Please request assistance. If you are attending the worship service on the main level, there is a wheelchair friendly washroom on this level. So typically you will not require the elevator unless you are joining the children's ministries on the lower level.