Following Jesus through John

Join us in January & February 2021 for a series of messages Following Jesus through the Book of John.

The past ten months has given us opportunity to pause and reflect on many things, no less our relationship with the Lord. Who is he? How is he present in my life? How much do I trust him? Love him? Learn from him? Follow him? This series of messages will encourage us to follow Jesus through the gospel of John. May the Spirit inhabit our thoughts that we may deepen in our relationship with our God.

January 17: Jesus and Life – John 6.29, 40; 20.31

January 24: Jesus and Me – John15.1-17

January 31: Jesus and the Father – John 1.18; 4.34; 16.26-28

February 7: Jesus and the Spirit – John 3.34; 14.26,27

February 14: Jesus and the Crowd – John 6.66-69; 7.11-13

February 21: Jesus and the End – John 11.1-37

You can find the sermons directly on the Vimeo website, at