Sept & Oct 2022 - Hospitality

Hospitality is not only very much needed in our divided world today, it is a deeply biblical truth and practice. Throughout the story of God’s people as told in the Bible, a firmly rooted sense of welcoming others is practiced: as the Lord has welcomed and nourished us, so we are called to live out the hospitality we have received ourselves. What does this actually mean – for our relationships, our homes, our church, our community? How do we actually practice hospitality? Join us as we explore this timely topic!

September 18, Hospitable God, Deuteronomy 10.12-22
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September 25, Hospitable Faith, Luke 24.13-35
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October 2, Hospitable Church, Luke 5. 27-35
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October 9, Hospitable Home, Hebrews 13.1-3; Genesis 18.1-6
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