November 2023 Following Our Shepherd

The church of the past and of today is always in need of guidance, protection, and provision. Thankfully, Jesus our Good Shepherd provides all three of these, as he shared in John 10. Today through his Spirit he calls leaders to serve in the church through whom such provision is made. For the next three weeks we plan to reflect on these truths and how they come to fruition in our fellowship.

Nov 5, 2023 - Part 1
Sermon: "The Good Shepherd Guides" 

Scripture: John 10.1-18

November 12 - Part 2
Sermon: "The Good Shepherd Protects"
Scripture: John 10.1-18, 27-30

November 19 - Part 3
Sermon: "The Good Shepherd Provides"
Scripture: John 10.9-11; 14.25-27

November 26
Sermon: "Staying True to the End"
Scripture: Matthew 24.9-14

You can find the sermons directly on the YouTube Channel