The Gospel in Isaiah

The world needs good news, and we have been called to share the greatest news of all: “For God so loved the world…”(John 3.16). But in a world where ‘truth’ is up for debate, and claiming to be a Christian can be a challenge in an increasingly secular society, how do we receive, embody, and share this saving news? Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet, has a lot to say about all this! Join us this summer as we explore the Good News of Jesus through Isaiah’s prophecy.

June 12: Isaiah 55.8-11 - We Receive the Sovereign Word

June 19: Isaiah 59. 1-3, 12-21 - We Need Salvation

June 26: Isaiah 50.4-7; 61.1-4 - We Have a Saviour

July 3: Isaiah 62.1-5 - We are the Lord’s Delight

July 10: Isaiah 55.12, 13; 65.18, 19 - We Live in Joy

July 17: Isaiah 60.17-22; 65.20-25) - We Anticipate Zion

You can find the sermons directly on the YouTube Channel.