Advent Series - Christmas 2021

Join us this Christmas season! As we prepare our hearts to remember the birth of Jesus, we are reminded of the core values of our faith - Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love - and how they impact our daily lives. All of these blessings come to us through Jesus, God's greatest gift to us. May the Spirit saturate us with gratitude as we celebrate.

First Sunday (November 28): Colossians 1.24-28 - Glorious Hope for Today

Second Sunday (December 5): John 14.25-27 - Peace in Our Troubles

Third Sunday (December 12): John 15.9-11 - The Deep Down Joy of Jesus

Fourth Sunday (December 19): John 15.9-17 - No Greater Love

Candlelight service (December 24)

Christmas Day (December 25): I John 1.5-7 - The Light has Come!

You can find the sermons directly on the YouTube Channel.

YouTube Livestream Links

Nov 28, 2021 Direct Link: Part 1 "Glorious Hope for Today"

Dec 5, 2021 Direct Link: Part 2 "Peace in Our Troubles"

Dec 12, 2021 Direct Link: Part 3 "The Deep Down Joy of Jesus"

Dec 19, 2021 Direct Link: Sorry! The normal Youtube livestream had no audio, couldn't be fixed.
An alternative Facebook video was made available, linked here (need access to the CRCSA facebook group):
Facebook Dec 19 Link (Login Required) Part 4 "No Greater Love"

Dec 24 Christmas Eve Service Direct Link:

Dec 25, 2021 Christmas Day Direct Link:

Dec 26, 2021 Direct Link: YouTube Channel Link