The Passion of Peter

Join us during Lent and East 2021 for a series of messages from Pastor Tony Maan

Peter is the most well-known disciple of Jesus; the New Testament presents him in living colour. We witness his high points and low points, his strengths and weaknesses, his devotion and denials. Affectionately given the nickname Rocky, we will follow him as he journeys with Jesus to Good Friday and Easter. Peter stands as an everyday disciple, just as all the disciples serve as lessons for readers of the Gospels. May the Spirit speak to us and aid us to grow in faith as we spend time with Peter and his Saviour this Lent season.

February 21: Called to Follow - Luke 5.1-11

February 28: Faith and Fear - Matthew 14.22-33

March 7: Peter and the Rock - Matthew 16.13-20

March 14: How to Be Great - John 13.1-17

March 21: Jesus Prays for Peter - Luke 22.28-34

March 28: Defiant Denial - John 18.1-11

April 2: (Good Friday) Where is Peter? - Mark 15.40,41

April 4: (Easter) The Empty Tomb - John 20.1-10

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