A King Is Born

A series of Advent Messages based on the story of the Magi visiting Jesus (Matthew 2.1-12)

Calls for justice in our society and relationships have been with us through history, and no less today in such movements as #MeToo, Idle No More, Black Lives Matter, World Hunger, and the plight of Refugees. As we prepare for Christmas this year, we will focus on the wise kings who recognized a star that pointed to the birth of earth and heaven’s eternal King, Jesus. He has come to bring true justice and compassion, at the heart of the Kingdom.

First Sunday (November 29). Prophecy. Matthew 2.5,6

Second Sunday (December 6). Protection. Matthew 2. 3-8

Third Sunday (December 13). Peace. Matthew 2.9,10

Fourth Sunday (December 20). Parousia. Matthew 2.1,2

Christmas Day (December 25). Praise. Matthew 2.11

You can find the sermons directly on the Vimeo website, at vimeo.com/crcsa.