August 2021

The Bible is fundamental to Christian living. It is also the most unique book in the world, past and present. Created over about fifteen centuries, written by about 40 authors of various cultures, composed of numerous genres (history, law, poetry, wisdom, letters, apocalyptic), it none-the-less miraculously proclaims a unified message of good news. More importantly, it reveals the Triune God to us – who he is and what he has done. This summer we will explore this Book, and see how it leads us by the Spirit deeper into life through the living Word, Jesus.

“Indeed, the Word of God is living and active…” Hebrews 4.12

July 25: The Word: Know it in Your Head - 2 Timothy 3.14-17

August 1: The Word: Store it in Your Heart - Psalm 119.9-16

August 22: The Word: Show it in Your Life - Matthew 5.14-16

September 5: The Word: Sow it in the World - Mark 4. 1-20

You can find the sermons directly on the YouTube Channel.

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