Advent 2022 Gospel Portraits of Jesus

Each Christmas we are blessed with the opportunity to reflect in a focused way on the gift of life we have in Jesus, the greatest gift of all. We have four portraits of Jesus, according to the four Gospels. How does each Gospel writer present Jesus to us? What does each convey about his character, his message, his ministry, his heart? How might these multiple portraits deepen our knowledge, our relationship, and our love of the One whose birth we celebrate? Join us as we reflect on our Saviour’s birth this Christmas.

November 27: Gospel of Mark: Suffering King (Mark 10.42-45):

December 4: Gospel of Matthew: Teaching Messiah (Matthew 5.1-10):

December 11: Gospel of John: Word Incarnate (John 1.1-5, 14):

December 18: Gospel of Luke: Compassionate Savior (Luke 4.16-21):

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